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A selection in very Mexican way of plating dishes.

(Green, White, Red)


JALAPEÑOS en ESCABECHE, Herbed & Spiced Pickled Jalapeños.

Escabeche is the Spanish word for Pickle. In Mexico, these are standard in any fridge, fonda, restaurant or cantina.

MOLE POBLANO, The Original, Reinvented.

The origin of the name reveals its Pre-Hispanic roots: 'molli' means 'sauce' in indigenous Nahuatl. Our version contains 30 different ingredients and takes 5 days to make. A preparation honoring ancient traditions.

CHIPOTLES ADOBADOS, Sweet and Tart Braised Chipotles.

In Nahuatl, chilpocli or XILLpocli means Chili (xilli), smoked (pocli), while Adobados can be translated as in marinade. Ours come braised until almost "spreadable." Slightly tart and sweet, super smoky and supremely spicy.



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