Our Products


All of our products are created in small batches, allowing us to keep a tight rein on quality, while leaving space for experimentation. No matter what your recipe’s origins, our products add subtlety and vitality to any dish because the one ingredient they all have in common is so simple and versatile: chilies.

Our recipes are centuries old, improved only by adapting classic techniques to our modern knowledge for a product that is delicious and authentic.

Our flavors call to mind that favorite dish your Mexican abuela used to make, regardless of whether or not you ever had a Mexican abuela!

Our salsas have already graced the menus of several New York restaurants. People who have tried them before, know them, love them and have been looking for them. Now they can enjoy them at home or serve them as part of their own menus, should they work in the culinary industry.

Our products are simple, universal, easy to use, easy to pair, and even customizable through our Chef’s Lab.



To us, authenticity means maintaining respect for our products’ true origins and demonstrating commitment to the artisanal way in which they were originally grown, produced and prepared. Authenticity honors lasting traditions and techniques as well as the land and its workers. 



Wherever possible we work with ingredients from within the U.S., and as close to our Brooklyn headquarters as possible. We believe that sourcing certain items (for example, those that only grow in tropical climates) from Mexico is better than getting them from farther away. After all, we are creating a Mexican product. Our farmers’ dedication to their craft translates directly into the quality of our line.