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Chipotle-Based Preparations

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Take home our selection of Chipotle base preparations.


SALSA SECA, Chipotle-Fried Nuts & Seeds Salsa

Also known in Mexico as Salsa de Semillas, this salsa is a close relative of Salsa Macha. A take on variants from Michoacán, this inside-out “dry” salsa is made from a rustic blend of fried nuts and seeds.

SALSA MACHA, Slow-fried chipotles and peanuts in a smoky “xilli” oil.

In Nahuatl culture, the term macho can be translated as "one who is worthy of imitation," or "enlightened one”. This salsa is macha for machos. Vigorous, fierce and courageous.

CHIPOTLES ADOBADOS, Sweet and Tart Braised Chipotles.

In Nahuatl, chilpocli or XILLpocli means Chili (xilli), smoked (pocli), while Adobados can be translated as in marinade. Ours come braised until almost "spreadable." Slightly tart and sweet, super smoky and supremely spicy.



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